Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Dr. Suess Never Wrote About Green Milk Mold

Hey! Well here it is 11pm again. This posting at night thing is becoming a habit. Maybe I could start a new trend cause based on what I've observed , most blogging and blog reading seems to take place in the AM and early afternoon, therefore by evening it's a little stale, nothing fresh, so maybe people will be desperate enough for something new that they'll think this blog is trendy.

My stepsons (Austin-15&Chase-13)have been providing me with lots of material lately and the trend continues. I would like to thank them for their latest unintentional scientific experiment in which they proved that if you leave a little milk in the bottom of your cereal bowl, preferrably dyed by the cereal you consumed (in this case Lucky Charms which colored the leftover milk green) for a period of time in your room, we're not really sure how long (that would require an archaeologist and they're not in the yellow pages), it will coagulate into a gelatinous mass that does not dissolve in water no matter how hot you make it.

See, I've been doing the dishes here and there trying to help out and while recently engaged in the aforementioned endeavor, I saw this green jello/marshmallow/flubber type residue int the bottom of a bowl and figured, "No problem, I'll just put it under really hot water for a while and it will go away". 15 minutes later I was fishing it out of the drain with paper towels. But I learned something.
Tomorrow I'll venture into their room and see what else they're cultivating. Better green milk mold then certain green plants.

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  1. I can't wait to show them this blog when they have teenagers of their own! lol