Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Geez, it's 11pm on my 2nd day with a blog and I'm just getting around to posting.
A rather auspicious start.

Anyway, I took the day off in order to attend Chase's (my 13 yr old stepson) hockey playoff game. He plays for Greensburg Salem School Dist on their freshmen team. Well, they won and Chase got an assist , so all is well with the world. Can we talk about traffic for a moment? The game was played in an area named Castle Shannon which would normally be about a 45-50 min drive, but with Pittsburgh city traffic (supposed to arrive at arena at 4:40pm), it took an hour and 35 minutes. This was stressful enough until Chase announced about 60 minutes in that he had too pee. We decided not to stop cause we could already tell we were going to be late. It made me appreciate the fact that I encounter virtually no traffic on my daily commute (knocking on wood as I type) as my shift starts at 3pm and the radio station where I am employed is located in a rather rural area.

Do you deal with traffic on a daily basis? If you or your significant other has to deal with city rush hour traffic, I salute you (or them). How can one even beging to focus on their workday or family and down time after dealing with the craziness and stress of rush hour traffic? It's exhausting. By the time we arrived at the rink, I was exhausted yet wired all at the same time. Felt like I needed some sort of a sedative/buzz combo. Like taking a valium with a red bull (I've never tried it). How can you focus on the report your preparing, the presentation you're giving or your family and dinner when you're still fuming about the guy in the red sports car who cut you off, pulled out in front of you and flipped you off when you honked, etc??

Well, this is getting lengthy, so I'll wrap it up. Chase made it to the arena without an accident although by the time we pulled into the parking lot he was telling us a story he swore was true about an elderly lady who died from holding her bladder. Oh well, alls well that ends well.

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  1. Working in Southpoint was enough for me...hated the traffic on 79...crazy people on the road. I was always worn out by the time I got home!
    Have a great day!